The big two-five!

28 Apr

Well it happened. I turned 25. My two best friends came up for most of last week and we had massive adventure time. I learned that I miss having people in my life, I should carry a real camera around instead of relying on my cellphone camera because it’s stupid ridiculous to get those photos from cellphone to computer (I’m missing a very important cord), and that it might be time to get a grown up wallet.  I’m still using the one from high school that my boyfriend at the time gave me; his mom found it while dumpster diving in her teen years. It’s black with velcro and has Prince on the back being all Princely. Annnnnyway.

On Wednesday, we all packed into the car with The Dog and headed around the bay to aquarium.

Thursday was my actual birthday and us girls made the trek into San Jose to visit the Winchester Mystery House. I saw a special on it years ago and assumed it would be much spookier. We did the behind-the-scenes tour as well, but that was just about how they lit and heated the house and not about ghosts. The second picture there is the ‘famous’ door that goes nowhere.

Since we were already nearby, we swung by the world’s largest outdoor monopoly board. It took us about two hours and two miles of walking to find this place. Bathroom excursions and cups of coffee were had along the way. We messed around here for a while, there were inexplicably some bronze animal statues placed sporadically around the board:

In addition to this frog there was also a beaver munching a fish, a bear, a fox, and an eagle perched on some bronze branches sticking out of the ground. Why yes, I did walk about 8 miles in huge boots and I have the blisters to show for it. Walking back to the car it was discovered we’d only parked about ten minutes away and just happened to take the biggest detour in history.

Friday we made our second trip out of town, up to Santa Cruz’s Mystery Spot. It was packed, and we had to wait three hours for our reservations. Right down the hill from there is an all you can eat chinese buffet type place where we were able to kill some time. They also have a mongolian bbq station and a sushi bar, but not like a Todai sushi bar. Kind of a instant food-poisoning looking deal. Fortunately, no one got sick and the food was okay.

We went back, oohed and aahed at the mysteriousness of it all then hightailed it out to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. Due to a lack of quarters and no working change machines we didn’t stay more than about ten minutes before deciding to head home. With a quick jaunt around the Moss Landing State Beach and a bite and a brew at the world’s largest artichoke in Castroville (I became the mayor on foursquare when we had to go back the next day because Stephanie left her sunglasses). We eventually made it back to my house and did something we never did as teenagers: lay on the floor drinking and reading magazines.

The next day was their last in town. We went back to the giant artichoke and then hit up the Gilroy outlets. I needed new everyday shoes because my Converse are going to disintegrate any day now.

These are what I left with. Marshall posits that I look like either a five year old or an 80 year old, but that’s kind of my style anyway, so I’m okay with it. We wasted most of the day walking around there and headed into Monterey for some tourist action. Gelato in a small cafe, happy hour and dinner on Fisherman’s Wharf – it was a nice wrap up to the week.

Marshall came home Sunday and we drove around looking for my birthday present – a bicycle! Maybe I am a five year old. But it was also Easter and neither of us realized that meant everything would be closed. We came back home and ordered a bike online. The website won’t let me copy pictures so photos will have to come when the real thing is delivered on Saturday.

I’m going to say, all in all, that that was the best birthday I’ve had in a while – and last year I got to feed an elephant.


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