Super powers!

30 Apr

If I had a super power it would be perfect gift giving. Seriously. I’m good.

Our first Christmas together – and first gift giving opportunity we had – I got Marshall what is still known as the greatest gift ever given….and it wasn’t even sexual or a child from my womb.

His birthday was tickets to a Sharks game and a hotel nearby so he drink more than one beer (I don’t drive at night or for longer than 40 minutes). There was also some sassy underwear involved, but he was content to watch some dumb boy thing on TV and I got to go to sleep early.

Valentine’s Day was a gift-basket of beers that I handpicked. A beer sampler! I’m okay ignoring Valentine’s Day, but this was our first one and the first ‘holiday’ we actually got to spend together.

There’s less than 4 weeks between Christmas and his birthday, so I have all year to plan for both things. Our anniversary is in September and I’m the only one who knows when it is because I got to pick the date (which is a cute story but for later).

Because I’m so good at giving gifts, my curse is that I’m impossible to shop for. I get a lot of giftcards and “Let’s go to Borders or Target and you can buy whatever you want”. Which actually works out for all parties, since it makes the giver in these situations a perfect gift giver also.


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