Adventures in Solitude

7 May

I wish that Thursday through Saturday just didn’t exist or that I knew what to do with myself during this time. So far I have:

  • had lots of wine
  • thought about going to bed at 7:30. On a Friday
  • eaten all kinds of unhealthy stuff so I don’t get the disapproving looks
  • not cried yet
  • more wine
  • should I eat some bbq chips or go to bed? It’s not even all the way dark yet and Wet Hot American Summer is streaming on Netflix Instant and I could use some Paul Rudd because I think from this one angle Marshall looks just like him but I want to wait until he gets home to make him watch it with me
  • Why isn’t The Notebook streaming? I would like to watch and cry please
  • I have this other movie but by the time I get the dvds from Netflix I don’t want to watch them anymore
  • Chips it is
  • And more Netflix browsing
  • I am the most boring person ever

This has been a list.


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