American Idol

13 May

Years ago, I had a roommate who was OBSESSED with the show and we always had to watch and we weren’t allowed to talk or walk through the living room when it was on. My interest never made it past the first couple try-out episodes.

Every week while I’m waiting for Bones (OMG it’s Mac from Veronica Mars!!!!) to start, I will catch the last few minutes of American Idol.

The guy who just went home – based on what I just saw – should have, probably a while ago. That was not good.

Also (singing related), the girl who did the national anthem at game 7 of the Sharks/Redwings series was not good.

I did awesome at car karaoke earlier, so it’s not that all singing was awful today. Just the people doing it on two of the most watched programs of the day.


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