Odds and Ends

20 May

The other night Marshall was telling me how he was going to buy me a fish when he was at the pet store, but he lost focus. He was staring at a wall full of fish and thinking about doing something ‘nice’ for me and blacked out or something. He’s basically a goldfish already. (He was telling me this story while eating the ice cream I surprised him with.)

Today I was a crazy girl and completely planned our wedding. Whole thing: taken care of. I’m not engaged. There has been no talk of THE FUTURE and when I tried to bring it up I was laughed at. I’m not even allowed to say the L word. But the time I showed up to his old place with a bottle of whiskey? “I love you”.  The time I found a way for us to watch Space Jam? “I love you”.

Sometimes it’s super fun to take pictures with The Dog. She’s totally afraid of the camera, so I always have to use photo booth with no sound. I never know when the timer is going to go off because I can’t see as far as my computer screen most of the time.

Strangely, these were all on purpose and came out more or less as intended. I even used to have hair, which seems very weird now.

I lost my train of thought because I found some art I was looking for and had to frame it and hang it. Couldn’t find the hammer, so I used some pliers to pull nails out of the walls around the house and then beat them back in where I wanted them. Conjoined Chinese twins printed on a page from an old dictionary? A painting of a buck wearing tube socks? In my living room that wants to grow up to be a cabin. This place would burn up so fast.


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