It is a Friday night.

21 May

Actual text transcript from earlier:

M: Plans tonight?

J: Run with Lady if my knee feels better, watch the game, drink my fruity beers. Maybe start separating laundry if I’m motivated.

Now we’re talking about how diet pills and fake xanax might not solve my problems, but ecstasy probably will. My argument is that probably only serial killers start experimenting with drugs at 25.

That’s correct. I never experimented with drugs. I’m able to count the number of times I’ve smoked pot on just my fingers. I’ve just never been interested. In high school I would drink and smoke cigarettes and have sex with boys in their beds or their cars or at friends’ houses. I took my birth control and anti-depressants and that was that.

Now I don’t feel like I’m having any fun. I moved to a smallish area where everyone my age all went to school together and say all there was to do was…drugs. I don’t feel like it’s very different from the major city I grew up in, and I managed just fine. Except for the part now where I feel like I’ve missed out on something.

I guess if I could do one of those drugs that makes you super skinny – but only for like a month and with no addiction issues – I mean, I wouldn’t definitively say no or anything.  Also if it could be one of the ones that doesn’t make your skin worse, that would be a plus. I’ve got ten pounds to lose and no scale.


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