Weird boyfriend compliments

24 May

Compliments from Marshall are unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before. They are the same things that mean girls would say to you to be bitchy, but he says them and he means them. When I try to call him on this, and tell him that he’s not actually saying nice things, he tells me I’m playing weird girl games and he will have NONE OF IT.

I can think of two times he’s told me I’m pretty. One was Saturday night and he was blackout drunk and probably trying to get a head start on sexytime. The other time he said “You look pretty with makeup on”.  I sometimes believe he’s never actually talked to another girl in his whole life.

Which reminds me of what I think he tried to pass off as a Christmas gift. I’m still not sure. Okay. I used my gift giving superpowers and got him the best gift ever. A few weeks later, I was waiting at his place for him and he shows up with garbage bags full of clothes. He’d been hanging out with one of his friends and she was getting rid of a lot of clothes and was ‘about my size’. He looked to proud of himself, to like…a silly degree. Then he put on a fashion show of everything and tried to make outfits and everything got sillier.

Usually this is where I would start telling the story of how he wears a dead guys underwear, but we’re on the subject of gifts and I got my anniversary present today (umm our anniversary is in September). Marshall got to pick his schedule because he started back at his old station. The one he wants isn’t available for a month so he went with the one that I wanted him to have, except it means that he misses hockey And his team will never make the championships without him. He’s letting his team down for me for our anniversary –  and three and a half months early.


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