26 May

I am bad at kitchen things.

I’m home alone for a week and a half and figured I should probably eat something other than just ramen and granola bars.

So I made what is basically my signature meal. Ramen, chicken, vegetables, sauce from scratch. Too lazy/missing ingredients for sauce. Use garlic sauce and teriyaki sauce. Everything is going very well until the end – like always.

Right before, like seconds before the food is done, I will add MORE SAUCE. And ruin everything by over saucing. Noodles and carrots have turned almost black from absorbing so much, but the chicken and green beans are basically okay.

If I ever offer you food that is not still wrapped in a package, you should probably not accept it.

And! Because I didn’t pull the chicken out this morning for marinading and defrosting, I waited two hours for this disgusting crap. Tomorrow I’m taking the $15 I have that doesn’t absolutely need to be spent on gas and I am buying frozen pizzas and enough of my favorite two buck chuck to last me to the 1st.


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