Three Day Weekend

29 May

Weekends, Saturday in particular, are my ME TIME.  I’m about to lose all of my ME TIME, so I’m cramming a lot into this weekend.

This is when I do yoga in the living room, go running, and get generally sweaty and red-faced and unattractive. This is when I practice walking in heels because we have like 8 different types of flooring for some reason. This is my girly movie time, my ‘live in your track pants and fire academy sweatshirt’ time, my ‘eat junk food if I want’ time, my ‘drink wine in the bathtub who cares if it’s 2pm’ time.

Yesterday I went to Target to buy eggs and concealer and look at pants and see if they have the shoes I want in the store or if they’re really, truly only online. Then I came home to learn how to put on concealer, but it didn’t come with brushes like the website says, so I went running and fought with Marshall via text messages and canceled out the running with ice cream.

Today I will run some more, maybe do yoga, take a bath, maybe make sure last year’s bathing suit still fits (see: hang out in a bathing suit for no real reason), probably take some pictures of the cats, and that’s it.

Tomorrow? The same kind of stuff. I really know how to make the most of a three day weekend I’ve been looking forward to since January.


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