Barf Blog 2k11

12 Jun


This past week my company held it’s huge yearly conference. I’ve been busy and stressed for the last few weeks and Marshall has been at work almost non-stop for the last few weeks, so this was our first real chance to get to spend more than a day together in like two months.

All week I worked 10+ hour days and then had semi-mandatory receptions and parties to mingle at after. I don’t go out, I stay at home and get in bed at like 10 every night and watch/listen to crappy movies on netflix instant to go to sleep. But they fed me three times a day (no grocery shopping!) and the conference location is waaay closer to my house than the office (didn’t need to get gas!) so it wasn’t completely awful, I was just sleepy and cranky all week.

The conference ended at noon Thursday, and it took me about two and a half hours to finish up everything I needed to do and rush home to see my boyfriend…who just wanted to work on his Jeep and play World of Warcraft. Between the work stress, the instant-arguing stress, and the questionable Safeway chinese food he picked for dinner, I was up at 2am barfing my brains out. I built a nest in the bathroom and camped out in there.

It only lasted a few hours, but I couldn’t move the whole next day thanks to sleeping on the bathroom floor (my nest was my bathrobe spread out on top of the bathmat with the couch blanket and the pillow I put on a metal folding chair to make up a “comfy” desk chair) and a crippling headache due to dehydration. I stayed in bed until 3pm. Marshall was not very sympathetic – he made me get up so we could go to a movie. He also made me pay for the movie and drank all the gatorade I snuck in.

Now, he’s in bed with a trashcan by his head. Another bad dining choice? No. Just bad life choices involving Wild Turkey. He’s been at it since about 6am. If I had another super power besides perfect gift giving, it would be knowing when people are throwing up. I can be dead asleep and even the quietest of retches and splashes will wake me and I will be grossed out and angry.

So, our first full weekend together in a long time has been more or less ruined.  We get one or two more before his schedule changes again, so I think I’m going to make a list of all the things I want done around the house before that happens, just in case. I’ve been waiting five months for an oil change! This week I’m probably just going to cave and take it to the professionals because I don’t believe it’s ever going to happen at this point.


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