Co-worker interaction

17 Jun

The place where I work has like 125 employees but only 7 of us are in this timezone. I went to Florida and met everyone in December and a bunch of people were just out here last week, but usually the only interaction I have with these people is watching their names pop up whenever they log in or out of Trillian.

Someone I haven’t met yet and have never talked to before instant messaged me today about error messages I was creating because our system doesn’t accept that 12AM is a real time and I was like ‘I’m right there with you system, but my boss is actually picking up his rental car at 1230AM so it does exist for some people, even if it doesn’t for us’ but I couldn’t say this to the stranger IMing me because I feel like you have to have already have heard me speak to really get the full impact of my jokes (sorry internet).


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