Weekend Catch-up

21 Jun

This weekend was so full of ~things that it doesn’t seem like it was long enough. Where was all of my sitting around being incredibly bored time?

Planting: Outside is still yuck, but inside is a pretty jungle now. We made trips to OSH, Home Depot, Target, OSH again buying up plants and cute cacti and searching, unsuccessfully, for a venus fly trap. Having plants inside really makes this place homey-er and our mini indoor-for-now herb garden is a source of amusement for everyone, even though it’s not doing anything yet because I only put the seeds in two days ago. Unless that’s a normal time frame, in which case we have underachiever seeds and that makes sense, actually. We’re not really sure where everything’s going to go right now, so we just scattered them around.

Cleaning: Extreme vacuuming! Yes, that is a bag full of dog hair that I vacuumed from just the living room floor. I brushed her after she had a bath yesterday and got about this much fur off her again. I can’t believe she’s not bald based on how much she sheds. Between rounds of this hair removal operation, I did dishes. I have no idea how two people can create so many dishes, or why this place was listed as having a dishwasher when it totally doesn’t work and the landlord won’t do anything to have it repaired. It’s extra counter space (the mini herb garden is set up on the dishwasher right now), and I’m thinking about using it as storage since it’s non-operational.


Baking: I baked! I’ve never really done it before, but this gave me immense satisfaction. And, technically, the muffin came from a box mix, but I could have totally done it from scratch if using Krusteaz counts as ‘from scratch’. Either way, they were great and a huge hit around the breakfast table (desk we play computer games at and internet from).

Cooking: I did breakfast both days (see: muffins!). Plus, on Saturday we saw a dumpster full of pig carcasses at the church we take The Dog to poop at. It’s a Samoan church, so they do weekly pig roastings. And apparently keep the pigs they’re going to roast in the dumpster, because when we drove by Sunday morning the pigs were gone. I was thankful I had made turkey bacon for breakfast, less so that Marshall insisted on pork ribs for Sunday dinner.

I need to talk about the rolls. They’re just the Hawaiian rolls you get at the grocery store. BUT THEY ARE DIPPED AND GRILLED IN MAGIC. Okay. In a pan, melt one-ish sticks of butter. Squirt in a bunch of honey, dump in salt and pepper and garlic powder. Let it get a litttttle warm. Dip the top part of the rolls into this mixture and then go grill it where you just had a bunch of ribs smothered in barbeque sauce (or some other kind of grilling contraption).  I would eat them nonstop for the rest of my existence.

Related: I melted the opening part of a bread bag closed during the cooking and baking adventures,  but managed to burn a hole into the bottom of that bread bag, so it all worked out I guess. Plus! No more cooking for a few days. I don’t really bother when Marshall is gone – I live on cereal or quesadillas, depending on whether or not I’m out of milk or shredded cheese.


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