More on the Life List

30 Jun

I like lists. I like crossing Things off lists. I like that I’ve already done some Things that I think should be done in my lifetime, and I’ve added those to the list so I could cross them off. Some of the Things are things I’ve already completed or have put some effort into but I’m not counting them because I’d like those Things to be from this point on. Almost everything is designed to be something I could go out and do RIGHT NOW and some of the Things are things I’ve been putting off.

37. Shave my head.

48. Learn to knit and crochet. I learned how to crochet one frustrating summer spent with my grandparents. I did not pick it up easily. I taught myself to knit a year-ish ago from books and videos on the internet because I was tired of buying overpriced goodies on Etsy. I haven’t actually completed anything worth writing home about, but it’s fun and gives me something to do even when it irritates me beyond all belief.

49. Have my photo in the paper. It’s pretty embarrassing, looking back.

59. Feed an elephant. I have a video of it, but for some reason it’s in iphoto and not recognized as a video.

60. Live alone. This was the best decision I ever made…at the time. It wound up being one of the worst decisions I ever made in the long run. It was a crappy, waaay too expensive studio apartment that had every sort of plumbing problem imaginable. I met Marshall two months after I moved here and spent 6 nights a week at his place. My apartment was close to work so I could swing by during lunch and feed the cats and play with them, but I wasn’t living there. All my clothes were at Marshall’s, my computer was there – I CANCELED MY INTERNET. So I did live alone, just not for long.

95. Quit smoking. This was not something I expected to do. Especially so I could start running. I don’t run everyday, but I want a cigarette everyday. I did end up cheating the first go round and started up again for two weeks, but now it’s been since January I think.


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