Curtains. And Day Drunk.

2 Jul

I only recently learned why every place I’ve lived in hasn’t felt very…homey? Permanent? And it’s all the little touches that make a place feel lived in.

A few weeks ago we got plants. It instantly looked ten times better in here. The ones that should be growing are, and the ones that are grown haven’t died. Can’t ask them for much more.

Yesterday on my lunch break I hoofed it over the the fabric and crafts store. I already knew kiiiiind of what I was looking for, I knew that I wanted the main windows in the living room to have white eyelet curtains and the box window needed to be something colorful and fun and if I even did the other kitchen window, it would have to be something plain to keep things from being insane. I wound up changing my mind once I got to the store.

I decided the floral for the box window, the toile for window that faces the busy street, and keep the eyelet for the other living room window and the second kitchen window since they face each other.

So far I’ve only done the box window, and due to some day drinking and not trusting myself with the iron or the ability to make matching panels, that’s all that’s going to be done until tomorrow.

I’ve been using Stitch Witchery, which I can’t sing the praises of enough! I have only ever sewed by hand, and this was too big of a project. I set up this ironing station in the hallway and things have been going smoothly. No animals have pulled the iron down or singed any whiskers or anything. And now I’ve jinxed the whole thing.

I kept a small piece of the fabric for an embroidery hoop. Then I re-arranged the whole wall. I wanted to put the deer wearing tubesocks and the conjoined twins over here and leave the other side empty for now instead of trying to fill both sides simultaneously. Everything looks very crooked in this photo, but it looks fine in real life. Or maybe it just really is that crooked and I can’t tell.

My reward for being so productive, even though it was only 2:30 and now I’m day drunk because I skipped breakfast and lunch to do all these things. Pyramid Hefeweizen with a slice of lemon. Replace your Coronas with lime wedges immediately (please drink responsibly). We’ve upgraded the kitchen from dirt bike storage to ALL BIKES AND BACKSEATS TO THE JEEP PLUS OTHER JUNK storage. Luckily the kitchen is big enough for all this, but now we can’t eat at the bar and sit at the tiny coffee table instead.

I started my day like a normal person! You know, with coffee and webcam photos. Behind me, you can see how the wall hangings used to be split up. That window is where the toile pattern curtains will go.

And! My hair is now long enough that it looks like a haircut someone might choose to get, not an accidental head shaving. When I was out earlier, the wind was blowing through it, instead of just on top of it.


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