Pee Week.

4 Aug

Monday morning I got up early and had some coffee with Marshall and then drove into work. There was pee on and under my desk chair. Two days later and still no answer. Several of my co-workers were in the office over the weekend, but they all say they didn’t even come onto my side of the office. My new chair arrived today, we’re having a meeting about it tomorrow. If this remains a mystery I will start looking for a new job.

There are seven people in my whole building, including me. We have an alarm on the office. No one has mentioned a mountain lion or other large animal running through the office, but it didn’t smell like cat pee. My boss and I briefly entertained the idea that it could be an ammonia based cleaning product that was spilled (no other spill evidence present, puddle under chair was yellow) or dirty plant water (60 year old lady lifted a huge potted plant on my chair to water it, water spilled, somehow smelled like pee and was yellow). But it’s fucking pee.

The Dog had a big vet adventure yesterday because she won’t stop chewing her ass and it’s starting to spread up her back and on to her belly. She was given steroid shots to calm the nerves and was a big doped up dog. This morning when Marshall was getting ready to leave he put Lady in bed with me, like he does every week. It takes him 10-15 minutes to get up and ready and out the door. During this small window of time, she peed in the bed without even realizing it. Over twelve hours later and she still doesn’t realize she did it because she didn’t act like she was bad and then got in the trash while I was at work. So she’s obviously feeling better.

So now I’m waiting for another PEE THING to happen to round out this pee week. I’m guessing it will be that Marshall gets too drunk on Saturday and wets the bed. Or I’ll get a urinary tract infection. There are so many possibilities that all sound like so much fun!


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