Reflection and running.

21 Aug

Took some time to find direction. Took some more time to find parts of myself. Then took some time to reflect.

Starting now is my life overhaul. Starting with my body.

I’ve never been overweight, but I’ve never been fit. Even years of colorguard and roller derby couldn’t make me excited about exercise. And while I might not be excited about it right now, I am crazy excited about the benefits.

Earlier this year I quit smoking. I was a smoker for about ten years. This made the running and skating very difficult. It’s still making these things difficult, even though now I’m running for me and not as punishment.

I’ve been running twice a week, a little over two miles each time. It’s hard and I’m slow. But it’s getting easier. I went out for a run on Friday and ran, without stopping, for twice as great a distance as I had ever run without stopping in 25 years. When I run my thoughts are constantly on running and when I can stop running and how much further my circuit is. On this run, my thoughts were elsewhere and I didn’t notice that my legs weren’t tired or that breathing was easier.

Let’s hear that again: I had no idea that breathing was easier when you don’t concentrate on a thing that you hate! I don’t like running, I’ve never liked running. I would like to like running. I would like to be happy to be out there huffing around my work’s neighborhood, and maybe one day I will be.

It can only get easier, right?


2 Responses to “Reflection and running.”

  1. Linda September 8, 2011 at 10:04 am #

    Hi Justine! I found your blog through Mary Rebecca’s “Blogging Worldwide” idea. I hope you don’t mind me following (through Google Reader)! You post about a lot of the things I’ve been thinking about recently, about how I need to get out there and say yes more and try new things… and I definitely agree with you on the whole “never being fat or fit” thing too. Maybe I should take up a life overhaul too… you’ve definitely inspired me to give it a shot!
    ❤ Linda

    • Justine September 9, 2011 at 2:03 am #

      Terrific! Saying ‘yes’ has been hard so far, but it’s been worth it. Good luck!

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