This is why I never go to the doctor.

25 Aug

This is the first time I’ve used my own insurance for my health. I’m not sure if they deliberately make it awful or what.

I have a $160 allowance for contacts per year. This is four dollars less than two boxes of contacts for each eye which I think is only 6 months worth of contacts. I was told wearing glasses was actually making my situation worse and pretty much had to wear contacts or I would keep getting headaches. My eye doctor informed me (when I called them to place an order yesterday) that for whatever reason, I’m only allowed to use $100 of that towards contacts (the rest goes to them – ?) and I will have to pay a co-pay before they can even order them.

I understand it’s a hassle to deal with the insurance companies, but I already had to pay $90 for an appointment I expected to fork over ten bucks for and therefore ruined the rest of my month from a financial standpoint. I don’t live outside my means, but that money is making the difference on whether or not I can get to work for the rest of the month and buying dog food or people food.

And yes, I am complaining about having health insurance. I pay for insurance every month with the notion that I will then not have to pay hundreds of dollars on top of that. At this point, I’m about to say “fuck it”, pick out some frames with THAT allowance because OF COURSE they don’t stack and you can only use or the other in a 12 month period, and live with the constant eye strain headaches.


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