A tale of two kitties.

2 Sep

Last Wednesday, I gave up the Reg. She’d been unhappy here for a long time and there just isn’t room here to keep her separated from every other living thing. She liked to lay in doorways and act like she was being terrorized anytime anything walked near her. So she went to live with my ex-boyfriend. We go back and forth on whether or not we are or can be friends, but I know he’ll take care of her and she’ll be so much happier there.

On Tuesday of this week, or maybe Monday night, Vash slipped out the back door. She was gone allllll day and I was so worried she’d been smushed or someone saw her and decided to keep her (obviously the better option, but I want to keep her). I spent all day worrying and making craigslist posts and wondering how I could be a cat lady with no cats. Marshall had a game and convinced me to go watch instead of staying home and crying. When we got home it was raining so I called for Vash some more. And she answered. She has a very distinct voice. I ran around the house to the church calling her and being so happy – but she wasn’t there!

Marshall climbed into the backyard neighbors yard and could hear her in the shed. I think she must have gotten out and gone into his yard. He has a big dog too, so when he let the dog out in the morning it must have scared her and she hid in the shed all day because she was still dry and no dirty at all. Now she wears a jinglebell collar and isn’t allowed near any doors.

(I had juuuuust convinced Marshall to replace Vash for me if she didn’t turn up. He won’t stick with it now that Vashie is home, so I guess we’re just going to be a one cat family for now.)


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