27 Sep

Waiting for Marshall to finally upload photos from campiversary is like waiting a really long time for some other thing you’ve been constantly asking for. I’ll just keep letting that post sit in the drafts and talk about some other nonsense instead.

After 6 weeks and several increasingly stupid phone calls, I finally picked up my contacts today. Apparently they were ready during the 24 hours we were out in the (almost) middle of nowhere and they left me ‘several’ messages in that time period. I think false, but it’s done now and I can finally see.

Do you know what’s a great thing? Sight. My eyes have been so bad for so long and my glasses gave me migraines and didn’t really let me see the dimensions of things. Popped these suckers in and I could see…my face. There’s not really anything else visible in the bathroom mirror at work.


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