Campiversary Photos

3 Oct

I finally posted all about camping but lack the desire to go through and insert photos at the correct points.

Yep. Wore this hat the WHOLE TIME.

Only happy that this isn’t my pack. It was almost as big as me.

We left the shady forest for a crazy trail that was all uphill. This is exactly how I felt about that…and the hat.

Shooting at nothing. This is the creek we crossed, slept next to, and drank from. Sometimes I felt like I couldn’t hear it at all and sometimes it was soooo loud. I thought life would feel too quiet without it, but I never noticed a difference.

Hat and custom built table while we drank some afternoon coffee that only took two hours to make.

We went on a wood finding expedition around the creek we were next to and Marshall found a “couch” and built a table extending off of it. The firepit and the slab the yogurt and coffee pot are on were already there.

I got it back in the pouch! First try. It doesn’t have to look good, it just has to fit.

Family photo time!

Leaving camp. Lady HATES family photo time.

I didn’t mention in the other post that I shot a gun for the first time. I’m still not a fan but someone feels safer leaving me alone here knowing I at least know how to load and fire all of them.

I had no idea what we were actually going to do out there once we had set up camp. We’re alone together all the time, but with things that can be distracting – like computers that we’re constantly on, cleaning, playing with the kitten. We wound up playing a whole lot of rummy and then going to sleep, sleeping in, immediately packing up camp and heading back.

A+, would watch again.


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