16 Oct

Week one is over.

Thoughts: Insanity is….not hard, but difficult. It’s cardio based interval training that you’re supposed to do 6 days a week. I get really sweaty but have to modify a few exercises because it’s a lot of jumping around and I have bad knees after years of high impact sports. I’m trying out different shoes with it; so far my running shoes work best but I’ve been looking into some cross-trainers. I have no idea what cross training is but more shoes is more shoes, right?

My running shoes are bad for lifting, but I can’t really buy new shoes right now – I just got new running tights and undies (on sale at and with my Bank of America money back program) and some Everlast shorts and a top on super sale at Big 5 a few weeks ago. I use the shorts for running if it’s hot (and it has been) and all-the-time biking, but Marshall says they look stupid and I shouldn’t wear them. We rode 8 miles last week and I wound up with a perma-wedgie and a mild rash (chub-rub) on my inner thighs. Societal norms be damned, I’m wearing spandex from here on out.

Eats: I’ve been on a pumpkin recovery shake kick. And Jamba Juice pumpkin smoothie. Anything that is cold and tastes like pumpkin pie is going in my mouth. Do with that what you will. I started using MyFitnessPal, but I hate counting calories and obsessing about what I eat. It will probably be shortlived.

My coworkers were telling me about how much my body has changed, not in size, but I look stronger and more solid. Which I guess is what I’m going for. I don’t see any change, but Marshall has also told me that my body is changing. I can feel myself moving differently, like moving to a standing position is different since doing all those squats – not that is was ever hard but it just feels different now.

Other: Sharks.

We did everything we could. As soon as they got the go ahead goal we put on the jerseys and drank a bunch of hipster beers (on sale but not really related – last week we drank one of the beers they serve at The Tank). We are SO AWKWARD at photos. And I need a haircut. I’m tempted to shave it again, but I’m an emotional hair changer and need something to dye or cut – this is my completely natural color and I haven’t seen it in about 10 years.

That’s The Dog in the picture, not some ghost we caught.


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