28 Oct

I hate counting calories. I hate tracking every single thing I do all day.

I signed up for myfitnesspal and got the app for my phone. I use it sometimes. Not enough to really reflect anything.

I hate that we bought a scale and now I can obsess over that number going up and up even though I’m doing so well: staying under my prescribed net calories (1230), pushing myself to do more and do better in my running and strength training, and drinking so much water that I can usually pee twice every fifteen minutes no problem.

It’s like…now the change’s I’m seeing are not enough. I hate that I’m obsessing over these things. I know that my stomach issues and shark weeks mean my stomach isn’t going to be flat. So while my arms and legs and back and core are all getting stronger, I’m throwing a fit because I have this pooch that’s not going anywhere?

Yesterday I ran further than I’ve ever run all at once. I got my pace below the 10 minute mark and kept it there. Today I did nothing. Muscles need recovery days, and I know that. So I’m not sure what’s trying to make me feel bad for days off.


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