Sad Sackedness

30 Oct

I’m done being a sad sack about stupid numbers I don’t even understand. Numbers, I hate you. In middle school (or maybe high school for me) I remember thinking that math was trying to trick me by incorporating letters which I love and understand. NOPE. I’m too dumb for you, algebra.

There was a lot of crying and moping and laziness today and I’m just going to get over it and start again tomorrow. And hopefully be visited by the shark week fairy because I would like to stop feeling ALL OF THE EMOSHUNZ.

I figured out a last minute Halloween costume – I’m going to be a firefighter! Firefightress? Whatever. I’m going to wear some old, decommissioned gear Marshall keeps in the cat room closet.

The cat has her own room, this might not have come up yet. It’s not a weird thing, it’s just where her box is and that’s the best way to differentiate from our bedroom. It’s not a guest room or the storage room, it’s the cat room. It was the war room for a little while when the desk was in there, but it was kind of silly for us to spend all of our time in the extra bedroom so we put the desk in the living room.

Here is us watching the Sharks destroy someone a game or two ago, hopefully the Bruins game. WE BEAT THE CUP HOLDERS WE ARE GOING ALL THE WAY.



One Response to “Sad Sackedness”

  1. Abigail October 30, 2011 at 3:45 am #

    Lol, you sum it up completely! 😉 I sympathize!

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