Winter Wonderland

7 Nov

This past Thursday I took a half day and we went up to San Jose to kick off the start of cold weather activities and our first Sharks game of the season!

Marshall had never been ice skating before, so we went to Sharks Ice…where the Sharks train! We only skated for about an hour before getting shown up by teenagers and seven year olds got to us. Marshall plays roller hockey down here, but he got the ice bug and has been joking (I think) about moving to San Jose to get on one of the ice hockey teams.

The game was fantastic! We took on the number one team and beat them in a shoot out – after they scored on us twice in the first two minutes! If you’re not familiar, hockey goes like this: three 20 minute long periods, with 20 minute breaks in between. In the even of a tied game, you move to five minutes of 4 on 4 game play in overtime, which takes place 1 minute after the regular game ends. If no one scores, it then goes to a shoot out where teams take turns making shots on goal and this will go until one team makes a goal that goes unanswered (the other team does not score on their shot).

The next big winter activity is: going to the snow! I grew up in Southern California and only saw snow for the first time two years ago when I went to Wisconsin to watch my friend play for the Green Bay Packers. I learned an important thing and that is I LOVE SNOW. It gets much colder in this part of California, so I’m working my way up to a snowy winter!


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