100 push up challenge

14 Nov

Today, on what has been my worst day in a while**, I started the 100 Push Up Challenge. I did 59 push ups, including the first 11 I did for the initial test. I like that they lay it all out for you: do this many, now do this many, now do as many as you can and you’re done.

The thing I hate about working out is that I have to figure out what I want to do, and how many, and with how much weight, and for how long and on and on. So I make a list and then I come home and start doing it and if I don’t like it I can modify it or say NOPE and move onto the next thing. This happens a lot. And by the end of the workout I’ve just done a bunch of crunches and squats and variations of those things. So I did those things, and then I did 59 push ups.

**I wanted to go for a run today – that was the couples activity I chose – but Marshall called me fat for like the 90th day in a row and I finally cracked and we got into a big fight about it. I say it’s mean because I do all the working out and running because it’s something he wants us to do together, he says I’m being childish because he would dump me if I was actually fat and also that I’m stupid for having hurt feelings. He eventually went for a run without me while I cried and did push ups. Not at the same time – I wasn’t like sobbing while doing the push ups, but before and after them.


One Response to “100 push up challenge”

  1. Fun workout November 14, 2011 at 5:11 am #

    WOW 59 pushups! Congrats!!! Also that’s great that your making lists. Usually ppl don’t take the time to create their own workouts. well if you ever need some fun workouts, I have created some too! 🙂 Only a few but they were pretty fun to make so thought i would share!

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