Rex Manning Day

26 Nov

Basically any day I’m excited for turns into Rex Manning Day. And if you haven’t seen “Empire Records” you need to get thee to netflix and remedy that. And then be excited for Rex Manning Days.

This particular Rex Manning Day was for a tattoo appointment. A few months ago I got this idea into my head and I’ve been waiting until we had some spare dollars to make it a reality. Marshall got something done last weekend and I spoke to the artist and he drew up a couple options for me that I got to pick from today.

I went with the one that was closest to my unofficial vision (I just went in there, said two words, and let him run wild with it) which was really the least impressive sketch I was shown. I sat for about two hours, Marshall paid for it (now in the running for best boyfriend ever), and now we’re at home where I’ve been limping around for a few hours.

The two words? Party Shark.

It’s still oozy and bloody. It’s also in the top three of the most painful tattoos – stomach and back of thigh are also contenders. But it was my first tattoo in over four years, and it’s easy to forget the pain during such a break.

I’m obviously not a person who thinks that every tattoo needs to be infused with meaning. I have some that are, but I’ve seen some get out of control trying to cram every single thing a person loves in one piece. And they come out looking bad – it’s not just the fault of the artist, but the people who sincerely believe it’s good because it’s things they already like. And if they do enjoy the thing that is fairly permanently attached to them, good for them. I wanted a party shark, and that’s exactly what I got.


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