Sick Days

23 Dec

These last two days I’ve been sitting at home. Sick. That’s two of my very precious PTO days that I’m using up, because my old lady co-worker can’t keep her germy hands to herself. The morning after I sent out an ‘office wellness’ email that said use hand sanitizer, don’t touch things on other peoples’ desks and DON’T TOUCH OTHER PEOPLE, she comes over and touches me. The no touching part was included just for her.

I got sick a few months ago after this lady touched me. She was talking about how sick she was, and was about to rub her hands all over the girl who sits next to me. The girl said ‘No, no, I can’t get sick because Baby will get sick’ so the old lady made a beeline for me. And before I could say OBVIOUSLY DON’T TOUCH ME EITHER, her disease-ridden hands were already upon me.

So I get a five day holiday weekend I can’t even enjoy properly.


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