Finding Balance.

29 Jan

When I have nothing coming up that I think is exciting, I feel like I’m drifting. It was recently Marshall’s birthday, so we went out of town to the Sharks game and stayed in fancy Motel 6 and had run ins with celebrity mascots and ate horribly and drank a lot. A lot.

We took the Jeep so we could go through Hollister Hills on the way back. It had been raining for a few days, so the mud pits were extra full and after a few runs, the Jeep got stuck. This photo is from before the getting stuck, but after an hour of driving around after the first successful run. Let it be known that I am not a fan of this ‘wheeling’ and don’t understand the appeal, but this is the best picture we’ve ever taken together.

So now all the fun stuff is over and I feel…bored? Stuck? Earlier this month we were fighting tons and tons about something that I thought was very important but Marshall thought was meaningless. That was some excitement. Now we sit quietly together everyday. The fight is over and has been resolved, but now it feels like we’re not growing or progressing or moving forward. There’s no relationship milestone we need to hit, until the big ‘uns involving rings. We’re buying a car together in the next two months or so, I guess that’s a thing.

Basically, I don’t feel like I’m working towards anything. There’s the half marathon (I always type marathong on the first try – the more you know), I guess. The running and cross training and fueling take up time, but don’t hold my focus. I’d rather be lazy and hope the flat tummy and perky butt come from sitting on the couch looking at tumblr and blogs those real runners write.


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