Livefit Trainer

11 Feb

#febphotoaday self portrait: post workout with dog.

I tried to do too much too fast and blew out my legs. Shin splints shouldn’t last four days, right? I’m taking a break from running, and after just five days I realize how much I actually miss it. Which is especially strange because I STILL HATE RUNNING.

I’m going back to my first fitness love: picking things up and  then putting them down. While wearing saucy shirts. This one says ‘text me when you’re ready to FUCK’. Sadly my gym is of the home variety and I can’t offend anyone. My other favorite working out shirt is the Hulkamania one, partly because it’s obnoxiously bright yellow (and kind of matches my new running shoes) and partly because it makes me feel way more badass than I probably actually am.

So, while waiting for my legs to refresh themselves, I’ve started doing Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer, since everyone is getting such amazing results with it and I could stand to look a little more amazing as well. I’m only on day two, and as I mentioned above – my gym is a home gym. A very limited variety of Bowflex equipment…we have the Bowflex Sport and a Bowflex brand of dumbbells you can set to any weight between 5 and 50 pounds in 2.5 pound increments. I’ve already had to get a little creative with substitutions, but I think it will end up being okay.


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