19 Feb

The very first week of the Livefit Trainer program is under my belt, and so far I’ve been slacking on week 2. I’ve been making excuses, and that needs to stop pronto.

Valentine’s Day was…a normal day. Except out of all 366 days this year, Marshall chose that day to have his mother over for dinner and then she came with us to his game. No gifts, no special attention, not even a silly post to my facebook wall. This sounds pretty bitchy, I know. But these things don’t really occur to him, so I specifically requested that some gesture be made, and he wouldn’t come through. So tomorrow he gets the pleasure of taking me to see The Vow.

I saw this the other day over on Sometimes Sweet. It’s a free, printable, customizable monogram and HERE. I have this and a few other things waiting to be hung up tomorrow.

Currently, I’m about 700 pages into A Dance with Dragons and I’m trying to read slow, I really am, but my eyeballs and my brain get too excited and forget that just weeks ago we were laughing at the fools who waited 11 years for some of these story lines and we get to read the entire collection of available books ALL AT ONCE and the only waits we suffered were shipping times. And now it’s all about to be over.


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