15 Things Friday

17 Mar
  1. I just caught Marshall (the boyfriend, not the store) whistling ‘Party in the USA’.
  2. I finally ordered some new glasses, and purposely chose the most hipster ones I could find so I can be super annoying around the house.
  3. I purchased the most twee flats I could find at Marshall’s (the store, not the boyfriend) earlier, and of course my feet are too wide for them and they look ridiculous. So they’re going back tomorrow.
  4. I took a half day at work today to renew my drivers license, only to find I somehow owed the DMV over $550 dollars for a check that bounced…in 2007. But I am pretty positive I never even sent such a check so…Also, I have been to the DMV many times since 2007, I don’t know why this came up now.
  5. I super regret not just getting an iphone when I got my blackberry two years-ish ago, but it was the week the iphone 4 came out and the store’s cash register system went down and we drove alllll the way across town to another AT&T store that had no lines and cash register power, so I don’t really have an excuse here.
  6. I need to call the tattoo place and make an appointment for party shark touch ups and start having my next piece designed.
  7. I still haven’t gone for a run. I’m scared I’m not healed all the way or it will always be painful. I did some cardio bootcamps, but the last two days I just kind of jogged in place in the living room to episodes of Saved by the Bell and Doctor Who.
  8. When Eversave had a deal with BetterWorldBooks.com last week I jumped and picked up a bunch of their clearance books. One of them is that “Skinny Bitch” book and I HATE it. Right on page 1 it says healthy=skinny, unhealthy=fat. EW, WRONG.
  9. I think we’re going to try to go out tomorrow night and that’s going to end up being a gigantic mistake. I don’t want to be fighting crowds while trying to watch the Sharks game. Plus we’ve already gone out a few weeks in a row, which is a big step up from the one time we went out in a year, so really, it’s enough already.
  10. Office birthdays are great. I picked up some cupcakes from a cute place by the office. I don’t get what the cupcake craze is all about, but I had my first red velvet anything today and it was so good! But more sugar than I’ve had in months and I felt woozy after.
  11. In my top ten thoughts recently: how long does ones hair have to be in order to put some extensions in?
  12. And: how great was the Teen Vogue birchbox?! How great is every birchbox?! Perfume! Glitter! Tons of stuff I don’t know how to use! So how do the teens know what this stuff is? In high school, my make up was thick black eyeliner, and some suuuper dark purple Urban Decay eyeshadow if I was going out. And crazy colorguard eye makeup for competitions.
  13. AND! There is a much bigger difference between club soda and tonic water than anticipated.
  14. Eventually I will be better about taking the pictures from my phone in a timely manner to make posts not be walls of text. I’ve been…busy. Playing with instagram and words with friends (with strangers).
  15. I’d like to be ‘more fun’ but I’m not sure what that really entails.


THINGS! Skipping workouts and making them up later! This weekend my goal is to run for 30 minutes and to use this glitter nail polish like I’m totally not embarrassed about my gnawed on nails.


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