A Day

14 Apr

Wake up. Feeling of dread. Rush around getting ready and out the door. Too many stop signs for a car with a proclivity to overheat.

Arrive. Feeling of dread. Sit still for around 6 hours. Go for a run or think about running. Probably sit in my car for an hour playing Angry Birds or re-reading a book series. Feeling of dread.

Go back. Sit still for two hours. Relief. More stop signs. Rush home.

Lift things up and put them down. Shower. Dinner. Some days are hockey days. Bed. Tears.

Lie awake for undetermined amount of time. Feeling of dread.

(Repeat up to five times a week.) Some days are sick days or vacation days or weekend days or closed office holiday days and those are the days that keep the dread from entirely taking over and leaving me unable to get out of bed.


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