Friday Catch Up

20 Apr

I’m on vacation for my birthday (really: sitting around freaking out about officially being ‘mid to late twenties’ in less than 12 hours)!

Sometimes I really miss living alone. I really only did it for about 2.5 months, and despite the huge disgusting problems my tiny apartment had, it was MY tiny disgusting apartment and I didn’t have to be responsible for other people.


How was that picture taken a year ago-ish already?! I miss having a shaved head, which is unfortunate since I recently decided to grow my hair out.


ImageI’ve been keeping up with my short runs. Livefit Trainer is a different story. I got the completion email, even though I was still on week 7 (of 12). I was only doing it a few times a week, and I don’t know how to push myself, both with running and lifting. As soon as it gets hard, I pull back (uh…that’s what she said) and half-ass my way through it. So I wasn’t seeing the results I thought I should be seeing and the number on the scale kept going up and up and up and it was discouraging. So I’ve shifted my goals and will be trying out different things instead of just lifting weights and running a few miles on the weekend.

I finished the whole Hunger Games series in about two days. But! Since I’d seen the cast of the movie in photos and such, I pictured the characters as the actors. Yesterday I found out that the people I thought played Gale and Peeta actually play Peeta and Gale. I’m still dealing with my feelings about this.

I really have to get started on my “27 before 27” list now. There’s bound to be some revisions. Especially in 11 months from now when I’ve done none of the things.

I hate to even think it, but the hockey season is almost over for me. The Sharks finished their regular season strong, started post season strong, but have kiiiind of fallen apart. Tomorrow’s game decides if they are out of the race for the cup. WHAT A GREAT BIRTHDAY.



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