Time Alone

28 Apr

Marshall is back at work. During the work week, it’s not that hard. 10 of my 16 waking hours are spent at work or commuting. The rest breaks down into manageable increments of working out, eating, and watching Netflix.

A weekend is a different beast. When presented with many uninterrupted hours of ME TIME, my instinct is to do the least amount of anything possible. During the last fire season, before Marshall’s schedule changed to all weekdays, I spent a whole Saturday in bed because I couldn’t face the world.

I’ve been enough of a sad sack without going back to that. Today I was up before 7:30. I did the 30 Day Shred, walked Lady to the dog park, made and ate breakfast, vacuumed the living room/did the dishes/cleaned the kitchen floor/cleaned the stove and counters, and was in the shower washing a weeks worth of workout clothes – all before 1pm!!

Luckily, Lady has certain needs that I’m supposed to take care of, so I can’t really go back to a place where I spend a whole day in bed. When this face wants to go, it’s not like you can really say no…



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