Adventure time

7 May

I feel like I’m not going on enough adventures. My list is supposed to be helping that, even though so many of those are practical things I should have done in my life by now.

And this could be because I’m not going on adventures. I’m not doing anything. I go to work. I come home and walk the dog and clean and workout and eat and go to bed. I have nothing to talk about, I have become very boring.

I used to be fun and zany and carefree and all the other words that describe a twenty year old. I lived in a house with three very good friends and we had FUN. We had a couch in our kitchen that we would sometimes push into the backyard! We had parties and movie nights and nerd gun wars. That was when I was fun.

Now I feel so preoccupied with having to act like a grown up: making grocery lists and doing laundry and a bottomless sink full of dishes. (How do two people use so many spoons??) Is this run of the mill twenty-something malaise or am I actually wasting this short life?


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