On Reading

13 Jun

I’m a reader. I’ve been off reading, and then immediately re-reading.

I was in a reading slump for about a year. I just wasn’t interested in trying to hunt down something I wanted to read, carve out time to read it, and then try to find something else to read. So I picked up the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. That kept me occupied…for a time. And then the worst thing happened.

I finished all the available books in the series. Thousands of pages, and I was at the end of them. This is like Harry Potter 5-7, except with a minimum of five years in between. Say what you will, but J.K. could really crank ’em out. And there were release parties and costumes and fun! Now I’m old and just want to read about some dragons and shit.

I moved right on to “The Hunger Games” trilogy. I read the whole thing twice in a row. And then it was just over! I couldn’t be some weirdo who just read the same 3 books over and over again. So I read two unrelated books (‘Jeneration X’ and ‘The Fault in Our Stars’) while I contemplated my next move.

While on a weekly stroll through Target, I spotted ‘Divergent’ on the shelf. I made it halfway through before I ordered ‘Insurgent’. And I found myself at the end of a series again, though I had assumed the trilogy was complete. So I read them both again.

Hot on a YA/dystopian/ALL THE FEELS kick, I ordered ‘Delirium’. Now might be a time to mention that the one bookstore in the county closed a while ago (maybe part of the reason reading lost its appeal?), so I order almost all of my books from Amazon. I have to plan ahead in order to minimize reading downtime, especially with cliffhangers and THE FEELS. With about half of ‘Delirium’ left, I ordered the next book in the series, ‘Pandemonium’. It was delivered yesterday, I finished ‘Delirium’ today – and I hated the end. I didn’t want to read ‘Pandemonium’ anymore. But it’s what I’ve got, so I’m going to see what it’s about.

What are you reading and/or what is the last really good book you read? I’m always taking recommendations.


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