Not a book blogger

27 Jun


Disregard all the feelings about “Pandemonium” mentioned here. The Delirium trilogy is fantastic and highly recommended.

Then I went right to the Chemical Garden trilogy…also fantastic.

And also only has 2 books available in the series.

This brings the count to three – THREE – trilogies I committed myself to that I have to wait for the conclusion of. I hate waiting. After Harry Potter, I swore I would never put myself through that again. That’s not even taking into account ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ since it takes about three months of lunch breaks to read the series, not just two days worth.

I’m not a book blogger, I just read like one. I briefly considered it in my journey of deciding what kind of blog to have, food blogger was never even an option – I can and do eat the exact same thing for dinner three days a week, and breakfast and snacks are the same evvvvery day. Fashion blogging was definitely out, so inconsistent, regular ol’ boring life blog it became.


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