Twenty Three

14 Jul

I made a list of 27 things I would like to do before my twenty seventh birthday. Some are dumb, some are meaningful, some are to push me. This is one of those things.

Tattoo by Dave Sinor at An Olde Town Tattoo Parlour in Monterey, CA.

Going into this Friday the 13th, Marshall and I made a deal. If there was a cat tattoo, I had to get it and if there was a wolf tattoo, he had to get it. There was no wolf one, so he just got something small and silly.

You can’t beat the price ($13 and $7 tip) and it’s a fun story to tell. This is the last Friday the 13th of the year, so we knew we had to actually go this time – we’ve made two previous attempts this year and both failed.

And how many cat tattoos is too many? This is number two, and I have a third planned, but it’s possible I’ll just end up covered in cats. I never claimed I wasn’t a Cat Lady, and I think that’s why Marshall is trying to limit me to one live cat at a time.



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