On Getting Discouraged

15 Jul

I have been taking an active (puns!) interest in my health for over a year now. Making an effort to eat right and workout five times a week. In the last two months I’ve lost about 10 pounds, but there is another 10 pounds that still has to go. I have seen some change in my body – my thighs are bigger and my boobs are smaller, but since it’s from muscle gain and fat loss I’ll take it. So I have had some success.

But then I’ll see a post on Facebook where a girl I went to high school with says she stopped drinking soda and lost 9 pounds in two weeks. Just from cutting out soda. I haven’t had soda in two years and cutting it out didn’t do shit.

Or I’ll read a post on a weight loss blog about a girl who has lost 6 pounds in two weeks but is still eating at McDonald’s and doesn’t appear to be working out at all. And seriously, good for her, but I couldn’t even tell you the last time I had fast food.

Rationally, I know that every body is different and that people with more weight to lose are going to lose it faster. But the snarky side of my brain is pissed I’ve been eating pasta made out of vegetables with more vegetables on top and running and doing freaking burpees and squatting until I think my butt is going to fall off.

Including today, I have 4 days left on my 10 day challenge with Team Beachbody. I’m using my weight from last Sunday as my start weight, and going off of that my progress is….0.2 pounds. I’m going to re-take my measurements today (I should have done it yesterday) because I need the boost of knowing progress is being made…or the kick in the pants of knowing I’m going to need to work harder.


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