The Results Post

22 Jul

The results are in….and they are NONE!

The numbers below are before/after:

Weight: 143.6/143.8
Chest: 35.5/35.5
Waist: 33/32.75
Hips: 37.75/37
Right Arm: 11/11.25
Left Arm: 10.5/11.25
Right Thigh: 20.5/20.5
Left Thigh: 20.5/20.5

I feel like this program was probably designed for a person with more weight to lose.  A lot of people in the group did have great success. I would be interested in knowing what my body fat percentage was before and after, but I didn’t test that.

Overall, I’m disappointed with my results but I also wasn’t able to finish as strong as I would have liked due to traveling the last couple days. Shakeology grew on me a bit towards the end – except greenberry. Please, never again with the greenberry. What I’m really coming away with from this challenge is how hard I really need to work to see results.



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