PIck it up, pick it up

24 Jul

I’m going back to weight lifting – it’s been decided. I took my first fat burner before today’s workout and thought I was having a crazy allergic reaction. So that was a fun thing.

I did a mix of whatever I felt like doing, which is my “plan” for the interim while my muscles get used to being worked. I thought about starting P90X, but I don’t want to rely on videos right now. I’ve been doing it my way for a few days now and I feel good.

Well…I feel okay. Since getting off Shakeology, I’ve felt a little sluggish and had some issue with my guts and what I will call “non-performance” which is leading to a bit of bloat, but that could be from any number of things. I’m trying to get back to drinking a gallon of water (or more!) a day to flush it out.

And now it’s time to do some dishes and get caught up with the Kardashians while Marshall is at work.


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