In Tents

29 Jul

What a weekend!

Intense thing number one: Yesterday I went to a Crossfit community class that the box here does every week. It was a big step for me since I hate having to interact with groups of strangers and I thought I would be incredibly uncomfortable working out in front of said strangers. Of course everyone was perfectly friendly and when it came time to do the WOD I forgot about all the people around me, except the girl right in front of me and the guy to my left (the only people I could see) and the coaches.

I’ll be signing up for the 4 week on-ramp sessions as soon as my paycheck comes.
The second intense thing is…on Friday afternoon, Marshall proposed. Once we started really talking about it a few months ago, I told him that I didn’t want it to feel like a business transaction. So of course, he asks me to marry him before the end of the fiscal year (amended to the calendar year after I pointed out the fiscal year ends September 30) for tax purposes. Via text message.

I should probably start looking at rings…


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