My Fitness Enemy

2 Aug

I’ve talked about My Fitness Pal before. I recently logged back into my account for last month’s 10 day challenge. The plan was to track what I ate and what workouts I did – pretty much what the site was designed for. And I ran in to the same problems I had last time.

I have no idea how many calories I should actually have in a day. The body needs ~1200 to survive a day of existing. MFP told me I should aim for 1220 net calories a day and 46 grams of protein. On top of not accurately counting how many calories are burned lifting weights (the after burn), many extremely basic strength training moves are not in their database at all. Using a site/app like this for the convenience factor is a bust if you have to look everything up yourself and enter it into their system.

46 grams of protein is also LESS THAN HALF of the amount of protein I aim to eat each day (0.7-0.8g per pound of body weight). They should probably re-brand to My Thinness Pal, or My Weightloss Pal. If I track that I am lifting weights or doing strength building, it should know that I will need more protein than two servings of chicken breast. (I did try to change the protein cap manually, but I don’t think I could do it without adding every nutritional value manually).

MFP is not the only one to blame for my less than stellar experiences with their site/app. My brain is probably more guilty than they are. Knowing this magical number of calories seriously messes with my head. There is that thought of “if I go over that number, I have failed”.

I mostly make good food choices – if my cheat day is my cheat day because I had greek frozen yogurt, then I’m okay. I’m down 4 pounds since July 1, my lowest weight since I started weighing myself regularly in March. I’m going to my second Crossfit community class on Saturday and (hopefully, HR willing) starting on-ramp Monday. I need to make running a habit and get EVEN MORE VEGETABLES in, but good things are happening here.


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