mawwaige is what bwings us togeveh today

23 Sep

The first fifteen minutes of our honeymoon in Reno, I was up over $60. Caption on instagram “so far marriage is all about winning back what your husband has lost”.

Came home to our response from the White House! Still waiting on The Charmings to get back to us…

Maverick, my real one true love, came along drop us off at our rental car.

We spent our time in Reno playing air hockey, miniature golfing, racing go-karts, and walking all over the damn place. We won a little, we lost a little, ate A LOT (there was a one pound burger filled with mashed potatoes and bacon that the Mr. barely finished), decided to go to a water park at the last minute and then found out they already closed for the season while we were picking out swimsuits at Walmart, expanded our bookend collection, drank tall cans on the river walk, smoked a combined total of about 6 cigarettes just because we could, and generally had the best time we’ve ever had.

Sometimes it hits me that we’re married. I feel like we have more fun and are just more…us. It’s very exciting.


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