Did and Doing

2 Oct

Today was the first real day of summer we’ve had. Temperatures above 75 and everything. When I left my house at 7:20 this morning, it had already hit the highest temperature we had last week! I’m already over it and would like to join the rest of the country in welcoming fall.

As we move into October, let’s look at 5 things I did in September and 5 things I’m doing in October.


  1. Got married! Honeymooned! Spent a lot of time in government buildings!
  2. Completed first month of non-on-ramp crossfit training
  3. Really started reading again
  4. Jumped on the colored jeans crazy train right as they’re on their way out…and if they weren’t, they definitely are now.
  5. Spend ten minutes thinking about having a baby. Decided “hell no”.


  1. Use my brain powers to make the hockey season happen.
  2. Eat vegetables three times a day. Cut back the sugar, grains, and cheese. Limit alcohol consumption even more.
  3. Read 8 books (this sounds like not that much to me, but I’ve been reading some pretty hefty tomes lately)
  4. Add one supplementary work out per week (WOD at home, running, hiking, etc.)
  5. Complete 3 items from my list

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