16 Oct


Watching Supernatural. I watched the whole series and started watching the new season on itunes….and then started the series over. This show should have filled the gap Buffy left in my life since I was NOT watching Angel, but I wouldn’t have appreciated it (or Jensen Ackles) back then.


I don’t know what he’s doing, but this is the face I make when I’m drunk and trying to read something.

Listening to Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra. This is all I’ve listened to on my ipod since it came out a month and some days ago. This is the only thing I’ve listened to on my ipod as a married woman. It hasn’t got old yet. Go get it here. Pay what you want. Enjoy.

Thinking about babies. I have baby brain right now. I don’t especially want a baby, but I can’t stop thinking about them.

Loving Barnaby J. The Beeb. The Bug. BooBoo. This is the kitten I’ve been waiting my whole life for…and it’s a boy. And a cow.


Reading Lie Down in Darkness. I have no idea what it’s about or what to expect, but I heard it was going to be a movie and a few actresses I actually like are vying for the role of Peyton Loftis…so the moral of this story is it doesn’t take a lot to convince me to read something. It’s actually very good, so that’s a plus.

Making me happy besides cats and new clothes and Dean Winchester and husbands is crossfit. It’s nice to have something to do again, and to be social with people. And to drop 45 pound bars on my shins (twice) when I fall (twice). I’m going three times a week and hope to move up to 4 times a week in January. My schedule got a little messed up last week, so I went Tuesday 7pm, Friday 630pm, Saturday 11am. I made it through the back to back workouts okay, but Sunday was rough.


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