6 Nov

WatchingWanderlust. I came across some Redbox codes, and this was the only think I thought Marshall would want to watch. Neither of us are really paying attention.

Listening toI still have not stopped listening to Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra. Almost two months now, and I’ve listened to nothing else.

Thinking abouthow much I hate the time change. I’m even more tired all the time, I wake up so early, I don’t want to drive home in the dark.

Lovingthe fall weather we’re NOT having. It was like 95 today and it’s November! Usually summer gets here for a week or two in October, so this is unusual. Last week it was raining on Halloween too cold for costume wearing, so I loofah’d it up for 30 minutes at work and then changed back to regular clothes. I did win a $50 giftcard  in the costume contest for my troubles.

ReadingI just finished The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There. For one of the first times ever, I’m actually hoping the story isn’t over and there will be another book.

Making me happy New cars for everyone! Marshall traded the jeep for a truck and a motorcycle (I rode on the back of it, and got to cross it off the list!) and we were approved for a car loan after almost a year and we are financing a new car that doesn’t leak coolant and then overheat all over the place.



Wordless Wednesday

25 Oct


and a half

22 Oct


26.5 – a new age to say out loud. For someone who never made life plans or picked what they would be when they grew up (equestrian/ballerina/teacher), this is not at all where I saw myself.

To celebrate this half birthday, I took myself to Target for some books and then out for coffee. Lady got a beach-adjacent walk and then she went to the vet and they did a fungal scrape and some other kind of scrape. She tried to bite the vet AND the vet tech. I read one of my new books and cried and still feel very depressed (it’s about dying, mostly), so I made myself some dinner and had a beer and now I would like to go to bed at 8:30.

(Photo above is unrelated, it’s a few years old. It was an idea I had for a photo project that lasted for 3 photos.)


16 Oct


Watching Supernatural. I watched the whole series and started watching the new season on itunes….and then started the series over. This show should have filled the gap Buffy left in my life since I was NOT watching Angel, but I wouldn’t have appreciated it (or Jensen Ackles) back then.


I don’t know what he’s doing, but this is the face I make when I’m drunk and trying to read something.

Listening to Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra. This is all I’ve listened to on my ipod since it came out a month and some days ago. This is the only thing I’ve listened to on my ipod as a married woman. It hasn’t got old yet. Go get it here. Pay what you want. Enjoy.

Thinking about babies. I have baby brain right now. I don’t especially want a baby, but I can’t stop thinking about them.

Loving Barnaby J. The Beeb. The Bug. BooBoo. This is the kitten I’ve been waiting my whole life for…and it’s a boy. And a cow.


Reading Lie Down in Darkness. I have no idea what it’s about or what to expect, but I heard it was going to be a movie and a few actresses I actually like are vying for the role of Peyton Loftis…so the moral of this story is it doesn’t take a lot to convince me to read something. It’s actually very good, so that’s a plus.

Making me happy besides cats and new clothes and Dean Winchester and husbands is crossfit. It’s nice to have something to do again, and to be social with people. And to drop 45 pound bars on my shins (twice) when I fall (twice). I’m going three times a week and hope to move up to 4 times a week in January. My schedule got a little messed up last week, so I went Tuesday 7pm, Friday 630pm, Saturday 11am. I made it through the back to back workouts okay, but Sunday was rough.

Wordless Wednesday

11 Oct


(1. Starving Lady right after she had dinner 2. Growing out hair is bunk 3. Making a messy dinner 4. The newest addition to our family)

Did and Doing

2 Oct

Today was the first real day of summer we’ve had. Temperatures above 75 and everything. When I left my house at 7:20 this morning, it had already hit the highest temperature we had last week! I’m already over it and would like to join the rest of the country in welcoming fall.

As we move into October, let’s look at 5 things I did in September and 5 things I’m doing in October.


  1. Got married! Honeymooned! Spent a lot of time in government buildings!
  2. Completed first month of non-on-ramp crossfit training
  3. Really started reading again
  4. Jumped on the colored jeans crazy train right as they’re on their way out…and if they weren’t, they definitely are now.
  5. Spend ten minutes thinking about having a baby. Decided “hell no”.


  1. Use my brain powers to make the hockey season happen.
  2. Eat vegetables three times a day. Cut back the sugar, grains, and cheese. Limit alcohol consumption even more.
  3. Read 8 books (this sounds like not that much to me, but I’ve been reading some pretty hefty tomes lately)
  4. Add one supplementary work out per week (WOD at home, running, hiking, etc.)
  5. Complete 3 items from my list

mawwaige is what bwings us togeveh today

23 Sep

The first fifteen minutes of our honeymoon in Reno, I was up over $60. Caption on instagram “so far marriage is all about winning back what your husband has lost”.

Came home to our response from the White House! Still waiting on The Charmings to get back to us…

Maverick, my real one true love, came along drop us off at our rental car.

We spent our time in Reno playing air hockey, miniature golfing, racing go-karts, and walking all over the damn place. We won a little, we lost a little, ate A LOT (there was a one pound burger filled with mashed potatoes and bacon that the Mr. barely finished), decided to go to a water park at the last minute and then found out they already closed for the season while we were picking out swimsuits at Walmart, expanded our bookend collection, drank tall cans on the river walk, smoked a combined total of about 6 cigarettes just because we could, and generally had the best time we’ve ever had.

Sometimes it hits me that we’re married. I feel like we have more fun and are just more…us. It’s very exciting.