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Merry Christmas Eve!

24 Dec

I think the holidays are inherently difficult for everyone. No matter how much “Christmas Spirit” you have, it’s just…a weird time of year with forced cheerfulness.

Personally, as someone who has no contact with her own small family, The Holidays™ are a weird time for me. I’ve spent the last few weeks crying at every list of photos that will restore my faith in humanity that facebook and buzzfeed have to offer. It was working, my faith was being restored.

And then. Tragedy. I can not even imagine being a parent to a small child after what happened in Connecticut. I was crying at my desk at work, almost as far away from that place as you can get, feeling so useless. I signed online petitions to get the Westboro Baptist Church labeled as a hate group when they decided to picket the funerals.

I started reading about the ’26 Acts of Kindness’ people were doing to honor those children. I cried at my desk at work some more while reading through the twitter hashtag (#26acts). Again, faith in humanity being restored. More than that, I decided I should also get involved.

I’m not what you would call a “nice person”. I’m not a mean person or a bad person, I hope, but I have a short temper and I’m easily annoyed – and I’m bad at hiding it. So, these 26 Acts will hopefully become a lifetime of kindness.

Merry Christmas Eve!




We met Santa! And I became a giant.


Lady is also has the holiday spirit.


This year’s Christmas present.


Starting Christmas traditions. We got our first ornament, but we didn’t get a tree.

(This morning in New York, four firefighters were shot while responding to a fire. Two of them, plus a police officer, were killed. A man set fire to his home to lay a trap for first responders. This man had previously spent 17 years in prison for the death of his grandmother. Seven homes were destroyed by this fire, and 33 people were evacuated from their homes on Christmas Eve. As the wife of a firefighter, this is the most sickening thing I can imagine, and one more thing I will worry about every time Marshall goes out on a call. My thought are with the families, the other injured firefighters and police officer, as well as the West Webster FD.)