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Resolute Redux

7 Jan

Totally revamped resolutions!

  • a photo a day
  • 52 new books/52 new movies
  • get kipping pull ups and double unders
  • paleooooo

de3f89fa593e11e28dba22000a1f97e5_7 e3cc8cf4584b11e2ae8022000a9e2946_7Paleo has only been going on for a day. Pretty easy, since I spent 3 hours prepping yesterday, plus another hour tonight on extra snacks – I was super hungry all day. Luckily I can eat the exact same thing day in and day out – it would be a nightmare otherwise. Hopefully it helps get my weight back down, resolves some gut issues, and gets rid of the little tummy pooch.

So far I’m 2/52 movies (watched Pitch Perfect on xbox live last week and saw Django Unchained on Saturday night) and 0/52 books – why did the first book I pick up this year have to be the Lord of the Rings trilogy?! I’m not letting myself read anything else until I finish it, and there are two books coming out tomorrow I’ve been waiting to read and I just scored a $0.99 kindle read.

Kipping pullups and double unders will have to wait a little longer to get any attention since I seem to have injured myself. I’m getting extremely limited mobility out of my right shoulder before the pain kicks in. If my arm is down in the ‘neutral’ position (I guess that’s what you’d call it), there is no pain, and assuming neutral = 0 degrees, anything from 45 degrees to 180 in either direction is excruciating. Sadly, this is a wait-it-out kind of thing. Last time it only lasted three days, so hopefully I can get back to Crossfitting my little heart out by Thursday. If not, I might have to go for a (gasp) run this weekend.


Did and Doing

2 Oct

Today was the first real day of summer we’ve had. Temperatures above 75 and everything. When I left my house at 7:20 this morning, it had already hit the highest temperature we had last week! I’m already over it and would like to join the rest of the country in welcoming fall.

As we move into October, let’s look at 5 things I did in September and 5 things I’m doing in October.


  1. Got married! Honeymooned! Spent a lot of time in government buildings!
  2. Completed first month of non-on-ramp crossfit training
  3. Really started reading again
  4. Jumped on the colored jeans crazy train right as they’re on their way out…and if they weren’t, they definitely are now.
  5. Spend ten minutes thinking about having a baby. Decided “hell no”.


  1. Use my brain powers to make the hockey season happen.
  2. Eat vegetables three times a day. Cut back the sugar, grains, and cheese. Limit alcohol consumption even more.
  3. Read 8 books (this sounds like not that much to me, but I’ve been reading some pretty hefty tomes lately)
  4. Add one supplementary work out per week (WOD at home, running, hiking, etc.)
  5. Complete 3 items from my list

But I’m le tired.

16 Aug

(Go watch, then come back.)

Monday I worked on my snatch for an hour, tonight was hitting the bar for an hour. Neither of those are the fun ones.

Actually, snatches were fun until we started using anything other than PVC (the last one minute of class). The pull up bar is never fun. I know you’re not supposed to be proud of tearing up your hands, but I kind of am.

Plus, Marshall didn’t go to work because he’s injured so I’ve been staying up later this week. If he’s at work, I’m in bed by nine. When he’s home…it’s a little later. And then we watch a ‘Breaking Bad’. Somehow that’s different than when I’m in bed by 9, but then watch like 3 episodes of ‘Supernatural’.

In Tents

29 Jul

What a weekend!

Intense thing number one: Yesterday I went to a Crossfit community class that the box here does every week. It was a big step for me since I hate having to interact with groups of strangers and I thought I would be incredibly uncomfortable working out in front of said strangers. Of course everyone was perfectly friendly and when it came time to do the WOD I forgot about all the people around me, except the girl right in front of me and the guy to my left (the only people I could see) and the coaches.

I’ll be signing up for the 4 week on-ramp sessions as soon as my paycheck comes.
The second intense thing is…on Friday afternoon, Marshall proposed. Once we started really talking about it a few months ago, I told him that I didn’t want it to feel like a business transaction. So of course, he asks me to marry him before the end of the fiscal year (amended to the calendar year after I pointed out the fiscal year ends September 30) for tax purposes. Via text message.

I should probably start looking at rings…