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Goals Recap

9 Dec

October Goals Recap:

  1. Use my brain powers to make the hockey season happen: FAIL
  2. Eat vegetables three times a day. Cut back the sugar, grains, and cheese. Limit alcohol consumption even more: The only one I had any kind of success with.
  3. Read 8 books (this sounds like not that much to me, but I’ve been reading some pretty hefty tomes lately): FAIL? I have no idea, but I did read a lot.
  4. Add one supplementary work out per week (WOD at home, running, hiking, etc.): FAIL FAIL FAIL
  5. Complete 3 items from my list: I’ve completed three items since then, but they were not all in October. Maybe none of them were.

November Goals: None.

December Goals: None. Okay, not none.

  1. post! actual! things!
  2. Use my brain power to make it snow somewhere nearby
  3. Don’t be a wuss at my half sleeve tattoo appointment next weekend
  4. Also don’t be a wuss at the “Holiday Party WOD” my box is having next weekend
  5. Cross two more things off the list starting from today and going until the end of the year. Anything done prior to today doesn’t count towards this.